April 5th, 2008


Hippie-Dippy Nonsense.

      Ah, the hippies... The first generation weaned in the global information age, enjoying the peak of the American Way of Life. Gotta give 'em credit. They saw the soulless core of the Suburban Utopia the "Greatest Generation" had built, and recognized the insanity of going to the far side of the planet to kill and be killed by peasants because the Overlords in America had some problem with the Overlords over there. They also re-introduced white America to weed and popularized Free Love. Right-on, Man!

      Of course, most of 'em were just running with the crowd, and sold-out to the Establishment when sleeping in a VW bus got old. The hypocrites have done everything their parents did, only more-so.

      Yeah, most of the tie-dye and sandals, get-back-to-nature kids couldn't wait to bulldoze all of Nature's Glory to make room for their vinyl-clad McMansions. Some still play at the hippie thing, even while living in Ticky-Tacky boxes... Sometimes sallying forth to trash National Parks in "gatherings", begging from and otherwise pestering the rural folk along the way.

      The biggest difference between the earlier generations and the hippies is that, while the latter are even more wrapped-up in Consumerism and Nature-trashing than their parents, they profess to feel a great deal of remorse and regret about it... So, even if they don't make more than a token effort to live up to their hippie ideals, they preach them to their kids, and have made asshats out of most members of the later generations.

      This half-assed hippie slackerism has often reared its head over on the LATOC Forums... It's downright astonishing to see some of the hippie-dippy bullshit that some people actually spew in the face of the collapse of this Cornucopian Era.

       "Capitalism is evil! Individualism is nonsense! Private property is theft! Our only hope is collectivism, and socialism!!!"

      America was built by strong individuals motivated by self-interest. What has wrecked this country is ever-expanding collectivism reflected in Corporate Government and the Welfare State. Take away personal consequences, either by allowing power-players to hide behind the fiction of "corporation" or by providing a cushy "safety net" for everyone, and you are encouraging careless and irresponsible behavior.

      Yes, there is often plenty to be gained through willing cooperation and combined efforts. But those who belittle the concept of individual effort and owning the fruits of one's own labor and investments are usually demonstrating their own perceived lack of self-worth... They want to glorify the Collective because they know their sorry asses can't make it on their own.

      For any group effort to have a chance of success, the group has to made up of individuals who can carry their own weight and have a reasonable expectation of some benefit from their efforts. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" never worked worth a damn for any length of time on any serious scale... When you disconnect rewards from effort, there is no motivation for anyone to produce up to their ability. So little gets produced, and everyone goes without. (Except for individuals who escape the system and "selfishly" produce their own.)

       Of course, to get around the fact that people actually have to work to produce anything, and that they will only really work for personal gain, the hippie-dippy concept of easy farming had to be invented.

      "Hey, man! All ya' gotta do is poke a hole in the ground and drop in a seed. Mother Nature will take care of the rest, man. All that plowing, and cultivating and fertilizing and spraying is just arrogant Man trying to strong-arm nature instead of seeking harmony, dude! Let your plants share the land with their wild cousins and everything will be groovy! And hey, I've got this book that says you can grow enough on a few square feet to feed a whole family."

      Riiiiight! Apparently farmers going all the way back to before Ancient Egypt were morons to think you actually had to work land to produce food.

      Anyone who's tried to actually farm, especially in a petroleum-independent way, to produce more than just a few token eggplants and fancy herbs, has discovered just how idiotic the hippies are on this subject. Real farming takes land and labor aplenty. Soil needs fertilizing and breaking-up. Nature's weeds and critters never got the memo about "harmony" and will murder your crop plants with glee.

      Most people drastically underestimate what it takes to feed them. It's a long way from a few tasty salads and side-dishes from the backyard garden to meeting your caloric needs all year long, including the dormant winter months!

       A similar disconnection from the land and realities of subsistence farming is demonstrated by the hippie-dippy positions regarding meat.

      "Meat is murder man! It's wrong to exploit our fellow-creatures, even for dairy and eggs! Vegan is the way to go man! Healthier too! Humans weren't meant to eat meat. Do you really think it's good to stuff corpses into your own body? And it's more efficient to eat plants directly than to feed the plants to animals then eat them, dude!"

      Contrary to what years of silly movies and television have depicted, animals are not just furry people. Those cute little piggies you see in Babe and Charlotte's Web? They grow into big ol' ugly hogs. They don't talk or worry about what will happen to them in the future... And they will eat your fucking children given half a chance! I kid you not.

      Elephants, great apes, and some whales may be borderline sapient. Horses and dogs have been artificially selected for countless generations to be able to interact and communicate with humans very closely. Cattle, chickens, swine, sheep, and goats were selectively bred by mankind for the very purpose of exploitation. It is what they are for.

      Humans are primates, and their ancestors have included meat protein in their diets since before they came down from the trees. Apes, especially Man, are the worlds greatest specialists in non-specialization. That means we take out nutrition from any and all available sources, and that includes meat. Most of the differences between chimpanzee and human can be attributed to adaptations for a hunting lifestyle.

      Nothing could be more natural than killing other animals for their meat. What? Do you think lions and wolves live on granola?

      While eating plants directly is theoretically more efficient than using them to feed meat/milk/egg animals, it's not quite so simple in the real world. Many animals can process plant stuffs that we can't eat (grass, mast, fermented/rotten feeds) into meat that we can. Meat is a source of nutrition in the wintertime, when plant foods are unavailable. Meat is a concentrated food that is more easily stored and transported than bulky plant foods. Meat contains nutrients people need, some of which are not easily replaced by plant foods. When lack of cost-efficient, high-speed, long-range transportation reduces the variety of produce available, it will be impossible to get everything your body needs from a vegan diet.

       "See the disaster this male-dominated culture has led us into, with all its macho-violence and selfishness? The future needs to be matriarchal, man. We need to let the gentle, blessed life-givers show us the way!"

      The notion of equality between the sexes is pure hippie-dippy balderdash. As is the claim that we'd be better off if women were running the show, or that such an arrangement is even possible.

      Think about it. Women outnumber men, and pretty much always have. The fact that men appear to be in charge demonstrates that men and women aren't interchangeable to begin with, or the women would already be in command by virtue of their majority. Men have the direct power because that is the natural order of things in this species, and, deep-down, women like it that way.

      On top of that, the idea that women are gentle and inherently wise is pure fairy-tale made up by someone who's never seen a real catfight. Great day in the mornin'! Gals will jump on each other faster, with less provocation, fight dirtier, and hold grudges longer than guys ever will... It's a good thing they don't have the brute strength on their side, or they'd be a serious menace!

      The collapse of our civilization isn't a result of masculine control. It's quite the opposite. What we've seen in the Cornucopian Era is an ongoing unmanning of the American male. Women and men are supposed to balance one-another, but that hasn't been happening lately. Instead, the female aspect of our culture has been running unchecked... Leading to the run-away Nanny-State and the triumph of emotion over rational thought, and thereby a couple hundred million Americans who will be like helpless children having futile tantrums when the infrastructure fails.

      Nature made men and women different for good reasons. What we're going to need in the future is for men to man-up and resume their proper roles so that women can stop trying to be men and balance can be reestablished. Things are going to be difficult enough without all this man-bashing idiocy.

      "Hey man, this is our chance to get rid of all the guns and violence and finally achieve a society based on mutual understanding and peace!"

      It is truly astonishing to see anyone claiming that a population of spoilt, materialistic, drug and HFCS addicted perma-adolescents are going to respond to hardship and deprivation in a positive manner.

      The fact is that some people will see the collapse of police forces as an opportunity to victimize the innocent. Others will believe their hardships justify taking what they need from the more fortunate (or better prepared) by force. Your Victory Garden and emergency supplies will do you no good if you can't defend them.

      Contrary to the dreams of some Liberal idiots and Statists everywhere, you cannot uninvent technology. Firearms can be produced easily in amateur metal shops, and the formula for gunpowder is widely-known. Even if you could somehow confiscate all the guns in circulation now, more would be produced to replace them in short-order... And it's actually easier to produce submachine-guns than the revolvers and hunting rifles most people have now. So those of you imagining a gun-free future are setting yourselves up for a rude awakening.

      There will always be some people who will be willing to resort to force to better their situations at the expense of others. It has been demonstrated throughout history that the best way to live in peace with such people is to be ready, willing, and able to counter their aggression with deadly force of your own. Trying to respond to aggression with kindness and generosity may sound all enlightened and Gandhi-like, but it only encourages the aggressors and results in hardship and injury to you and yours.

      Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who kept their freakin' swords!

      To be fair, I should say that most of the hippie-dippy BS is being spewed by faux-hippies. There exists a much rarer breed of hippies who actually do build a lifestyle based on breaking away from the materialistic, shallow lifestyle of Cornucopia. While many of them started out with silly hippie-dippy notions, practical experience has pruned those away. Most of them wind up splitting the difference between living like injuns and hillbillies... Tilling acres of soil for old-fashioned dirt-farming, slaughtering animals for food and hides, and even keeping a (HORRORS!) gun or two around the cabin.

      Of course, it's much easier to cling to your unrealistic ideals if you live in suburbia and consider ownership of a bicycle and a couple of backyard raised beds to be serious preparation for LATOC.
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