November 5th, 2008


You are all so very DOOMED!

The whole election thing is mostly a sideshow to convince the sheeple that they actually have some say in how "their" government is run. The fascist agenda would have continued apace under John McCain, just as it will under Barry Soetoro... Most of the people in America realize that on some level, or are too busy minding their own business (Providence bless them!) to bother with the whole voting charade. That's one major consolation in this whole thing.

But, there are apparently 120 million Americans who are too indoctrinated, dumbed-down, and doped-up to see what a sick joke this whole election thing is... And worse yet, most of these voters are so shallow and pathetic that they voted for the slick-talking guy offering to give them lots of free stuff that he'll STEAL from the successful and productive on their behalf. This sounds so appealing to them that they were willing to elect an open socialist whose history and attitudes are shockingly unAmerican. That they're willing to trash the Constitution and elect a person who may very well be ineligible as a non-Native Born US Citizen, but actually a foreign national and Illegal Alien. That they're prone to going totally apeshit whenever anyone questions their Messiah.

Be warned people... You think Dubya was bad? He's a mumbling, unpopular, possibly drunk wannabe fascist who can't garner enough public support to get away with a fraction of what he'd like to do... JUST WAIT until you get an articulate, charismatic, popular fascist like Barry in his place.

Of course, this may be just the guy to con Americans into supporting the inevitable resource wars, and to lull them quietly onto the trains to the camps and fedghettos. I've long suspected that the players behing the scenes have been delaying action against Iran because they didn't trust Dubya to be a sufficient front-man for the job.

On the other hand, Barry may have been positioned to be the trigger for the SHTF event that will allow the Feds to quit pussyfooting around and assert martial law (of course they won't call it that.) McCain's clean loss got us safely past one trigger point yesterday. (Imagine how some segments of the population would have reacted if McCain had won the Electoral but not Popular vote, or won the election big despite his bad poll numbers going in!) But now the rage will be even greater if, having won the Nov. 4 election, SCOTUS disqualifies Barry as a candidate for the ACTUAL Presidential Election which happens on Dec. 15.

And, whatever happens, we have over 63 MILLION perma-children in America who think their wants and needs outweigh your right to keep what belongs to you, including your life and freedom.

The Chinese curse has come to pass. We are living in interesting times.