March 23rd, 2011


Prepping for Three Futures...


     Thing about TEOTWAWKI... We can't quite be sure of the whens and hows of the collapse. While I'm still figuring on the post-'12 world being ruled by damned, dirty apes, it's possible things could move either faster or slower... That the downward slide could continue for years to come, or abruptly go over the cliff into free-fall. It's even possible that a few "lucky" breaks and a lot of smoke blown up the public's collective backside could create another "recovery" before the final crash.

     So I try to make my doom preps and plans in such a way that they'll work in any of three scenarios. For instance, right now I'm making use of the Cornucopian resources that allow me to have my best draft mare bred to a high-quality out-of-state stud via AI with shipped, chilled semen in hopes of producing a good colt to raise as my new farm stallion. (Old LATOC Forum regulars may recall that my old stallion passed-on a while back.)

     If all goes well (and no one knows better than I how the best laid schemes gang aft agley!), 2015 will find me with a very large, highly trained, pedigreed Belgian stallion of unusual quality for this region...

     In the scenario I consider most likely, we'll be settling into full-on LATOC, with the countryside largely abandoned. Those who hang-on out here without reliable grid and access to affordable fuel will naturally revert to pre-petro means of farming and transport, but will be somewhat handicapped by the re-purposed sport and pleasure horses they'll be trying to get honest work out of. The option of importing good work horses from up in Amish country will be gone, so the only way to get decent work stock will be to breed such animals locally... So the breeding services of a big, strong draft stud will probably be a valuable trade commodity.

     Or we can imagine that next year the American people "will wise-up and put Sarah Palin in office so she can straighten-out them damned camel-jockeys, tap all them zillions of gallons of oil under the Rockies, and give us a new Economic Boom!"

     In periods of economic growth, the money in the horse business comes from the spoilt daughters and trophy wives of successful businessmen living out their International Velvet dreams... An impressive Belgian stallion can be promoted as a Sporthorse sire catering to thoroughbred mares. I can set him up with a slick website and offer services AI.

     Finally, there's the possibility that the current sickly economy will drag-on into something like a permanent version of the 1970s... Oddly enough, the 1970s was actually a period of horse-world growth in America. (The socio-economic nature of that era's horse industry deserves an article of its own!) There were a lot of people getting into horses back then, and most of them barely knew a forelock from a fetlock. Couldn't impress them with quality horseflesh, as they'd actually have to know something about horses for that. Couldn't impress them with athletic capability, as they couldn't ride well enough to test the limits of a geriatric plug-horse...

     But you could impress them with SIZE. The late '70s saw great breeds nearly ruined as idiots bred for height at the expense of all else. Quarterhorses, appaloosas, and other horses traditionally under 15 hands tall were suddenly expected to be over 16 hands. They also went from being traditionally sound to being infamously susceptible to lameness.

     Well, if we get another era of dime-store cowboys who wanna play "mine's bigger", I'll have a way to accommodate them without contributing to the demise of great breeds, with a stallion of a type that is SUPPOSED to be freakin' gigantic.

     Equestrian specific examples aside, my point is that you don't have to worry about having "wasted" your time and resources prepping if the crash doesn't come on schedule. You can plan your preps in ways that will benefit you Doom, Boom, or anywhere in-between.

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