September 11th, 2011



   Yes, it's been a while.  I haven't abandoned the world of Doom...  It's just been a helluva Summer, and I'm still neck-deep in projects and dealing with distractions in meatspace.  But I couldn't let the tenth anniversary of 9-11 pass without at least a brief comment.

   A decade after the Pentagon smoked and the twin towers fell, as we look back on that shocking day and all the days that followed, one thing is certain...

   The terrorists totally won.

   And I'm not talking about just the rag-head moon-worshipers either.

   Never mind whether the attacks were totally the work of "Muslim Extremists", or covert players in America let it happen on purpose, or actually masterminded the whole thing themselves.  Whether the WTC towers came down because some fanatics flew hijacked planes into them, controlled demolition charges were fired, or some scheme using holograms, death rays, and alien tech reverse-engineered at Area 51 was carried-out.

   What really matters is that the terror of 9-11 has been successfully exploited to destroy American freedom.  Not by Osama bin Whatzits, but by our professional, domestic terrorists.

   Want to travel across the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?  Well, you'd best be willing to suffer indignities and humiliations on-par with those experienced by felons in maximum security prisons.  You know... To prevent another 9-11.

   Want to keep your personal business private?  Forget it!  Government has to have access to everything everyone does... You know... To make it possible to track "terrorist" activities.

   Not crazy about paying taxes to fund endless wars, making life for people already unfortunate enough to live in the ass-backwards Muslim world even worse?  Hey! Support our troops, you
ungrateful bastard!  They're over there fighting for our freedoms...  Well... Y'know... The freedom to pay taxes and be strip-searched and have everything we do meddled-with...  But, somehow, having American armed thugs pushing people around in their own countries is supposed to make the Muslim World less inclined to want to lash-out at America.

   Back at home, where the Boys in Blue have long-since transformed into black-clad, assault-rifle wielding Rambo wannabes, electrocuting or chemically blinding children and little old ladies for "failure to comply", we're still expected to treat them as "heroes" because a few of them actually died honorably on 9-11.

   The terrorists won.  The flags and "patriotic" displays, the praising of the "heroes", and the reverent services are all, in actuality, a celebration of their victory.


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