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The Rebel Flag and Moonbat Strawman Attacks...


   Been a while.  But, since current events are hitting close to home, I feel the rare urge to chime-in again...

   First a reminder: At the upper levels, the real power players, whether they wear the masks of Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, Conservatives, Liberals, or whatever, are all actually Fascists.  They are in politics to maintain the flow of power and wealth to GovCo.  All the rest is just gaming the people into playing-along with them.

   That said, the people at the lower levels are often True Believers...  Or Useful Idiots to the Fascists above.  And, since they seem to be 'winning' at the moment, I'm going to focus on the Left side of the coin, and their favorite rhetorical fallacy tactic as it is applied to issues of the day.

   The Moonbats often style themselves as Progressives.  Wanting to Move Forward.  They seem to believe that, to facilitate Progress, they need to tear-down the past and the present, exhibiting rabid animosity for almost all things traditional or even established norms.

   Here they encounter a problem;  Traditional things became established as the norm because they worked well for a long time.  They tend to be popular, and perceived as positive and beneficial.  Thus they are hard to effectively attack.

   So, rather than admit their disdain for a popular and rationally solid concept, the Moonbats attempt to redefine the terms and symbols related to that concept so that they represent something that can be more effectively attacked.  A form of the old Straw Man tactic.

   Growing up in the Old South, the Confederate Flag (or, to be technically specific, the second Confederate Navy Jack) was a common sight.  Flying, hanging as a flag.  As a jacket or hat patch patch.  Incorporated into the design of clothes, horse tack, spare tire covers, truck window shade screens, etc.

   But it was hardly ever called the "Confederate Flag"...  It was the "Rebel Flag".  And it represented the spirit of resistance to arbitrary authority.  A concept closely associated with American Patriotism in general, as it was basically what our nation was founded upon!

   This was widely understood back in the day.  When the Rebel Flag was emblazoned upon the roof of Bo & Luke's '69 Charger (named after Confederate General Lee, no-less), everyone knew it represented them "fightin' the system like two modern-day Robin Hoods", and there was hardly a complaint about it.

Complaint: The doors aren't supposed to open!

   Even earlier in the 1970s, in the overtly multicultural "Kid Power" Saturday morning cartoon, not only did a black child routinely wear Confederate garb, but had a dog named General Lee.  Nobody freaked-out over it.


   But the traditional American spirit of resistance to arbitrary authority is repugnant to the Left, especially when their team is in the position of authority!  So, to tear down a great symbol of such resistance, they redefine it as a symbol of racism and hatred.

   (Yes. It's true that racists have flown the Confederate Flag.  They've also used the Stars & Stripes, Christian Cross, and various other symbols.  That doesn't give those asshats ownership of them!)

   The Moonbats call it the "Flag of Slavery" to try and get rid of it...  But they really hate it because it's the Rebel Flag, and they can't stand the spirit of resistance that it actually represents.



   Coming soon on Moonbat Strawmannery: "Capitalism"...


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