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Low-Nonsense Doomsteading: Doomsteading.



   Doomsteading is developing and running a relatively self-sufficient farm intended to remain operational even after the breakdown of modern infrastructure.  This is one approach to coping with the converging crises that threaten to end the Cornucopian Era.  There are many others which may be preferable for other people and situations.  Staying in a major metropolis will likely give some folks access to infrastructure long after it has failed in the countryside.  Being ready to Bug Out allows more flexibility than being tied to one location.  But doomsteading has its own advantages, and suits us best.

   In my youth, I worked horse and cattle farms on the coastal islands, where hurricanes were a thing.  It's not like living in an apartment where you can stuff your cat into a carrier and head inland when the 'authorities' call an evacuation.  Herds of valuable animals depended on me to stick it out and hold things together for them despite weather, utility failure, and being cut-off by flooded and blocked roads.  So hunkering-down rather than bugging-out is second nature.

   As prepping strategies go, doomsteading is betting big.  Putting far more at stake than just a Bug Out Bag, Bug Out Vehicle, or basement bunker remodel.  But the potential payoff is huge.

   Even if some semblance of BAU manages to hold-out for years to come, the grounded doomsteading lifestyle, focused on real accomplishment, has its rewards in the here and now.
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